5 Computer Learning Tips and Tricks for Newbies

Computer Learning Tips

Learning how to operate a computer is critical in the 21st century. Virtually everything is run by some kind of computer or digital network. While you don’t necessarily need to learn what the cloud is or what a single board computer is, it can help to know the basics, like email and file sharing. The truth is that many people still don’t know how to fully operate a computer. If you come from a generation before email, Google and Retina display, it can be hard to grasp some of the more basis concepts of today’s computing infrastructures. Here are five computer learning tips and tricks for newbies.

  1. Take it slow – very slow. It is totally understandable to not grasp the concept of some the more basic functions of a computer, like saving a file, attaching a document to an email or all the other things that people do on computers every single day. While computers may be second nature to younger generations, it will take older generations much longer to learn how to use a computer. So, it is okay to take it slow – if you go to fast, you may get frustrated and give up.
  2. Hire a tutor. Hiring someone to teach you how to use a computer can be extremely beneficial, especially if you have no idea where to start. You want to make sure, though, that the person teaching you is patient and takes their time explaining some of the more basic functions. If you hire your grandson or granddaughter, it may wind up being too frustrating – for you and your grandkids. So, make sure that really get a feel for your tutor before you make a hiring decision.
  3. Create a computer support network. Having people that you can call on for support is important. If you are all of a sudden finding yourself thrust into a world where you have to pay bills online, chat with relatives and a host of other applications, you will no doubt have a lot of questions. This is the reason why a support network is so critical. For instance, if you are having trouble finding a file or completing a task, you can call someone within your network to help you.
  4. Be sure to set aside plenty of time for practice. Unlike riding a bike, learning how to use computer is a little more complicated. Bicycles don’t all of sudden change formats for security updates. Because new versions of formats are always coming out, it is important to make yourself very familiar to a computer’s software and fundamental applications. Indeed, practice does make perfect when learning how to use a computer.
  5. Make it entertaining. Computers can be an incredible source of entertainment and fun. After a tutoring session, you can reward yourself by playing games online, watching videos or browsing the Internet. At the end of the day, learning how to use a computer should be fun. The more relaxed you are when you are learning, the more things will sink in. Pretty soon, you’ll be a pro.


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