5 Rugged Laptops That Will Go the Distance

For organisations in the military, emergency service, environmental and industrial sectors the ruggedized laptop has been a vital comrade for delivering products or services in the field. However, with a number of rugged laptops claiming to be the toughest tech on the market, shopping for your first device or additional equipment can be a real minefield.

Take a look at these five rugged laptops, each of which is designed to go the distance for businesses across all markets…

Toughbook CF-19

The Toughbook model from Panasonic is a great device offering excellent flexibility and battery life for all. The fully rugged laptop boasts up to 10 hours battery life, ensuring you or your team will never be caught short in a field environment where power outlets are out of reach. With its 10.1 inch screen size, a compact display compared to many ruggedized models, this little wonder offers the ultimate mobile solution complete with rotating screen and convertible use.

Algiz XRW

This model has been deemed a ‘revolutionary step’ in the rugged laptop market and provides high performance with a slim and lightweight design. Weighing in at just 1.49kg, the Algiz XRW from Handheld Europe offers an ultra-flexible model designed for easy use and efficient transport. The fully ruggedized device also offers 8 hours battery life, excellent screen resolution and a 10.1 inch display.

Getac V110

Offering a slightly larger screen than the Toughbook and Algiz models, the V110 from Getac boasts a number of exciting features. The V110 design is fully convertible taking users from laptop to tablet in an instant for easy transportation and use. The Getac V110 is also ultra-slim and is 30% thinner than its predecessors!

In addition to its uncompromised functionality, Intel Core i5 or i7 vPro processor and 11.6” display, the Getac V110 utilises LumiBond technology to create a display that is readable and durable in the most extreme conditions.

Durabook U12C

This semi-rugged model from Twinhead has the lowest battery life in our top five, with up to 4 hours power available in between charges, however, it boasts a number of features as well as a 12.1” display. Again the Durabook U12C utilises a fully convertible notebook design with swivel screen to provide optimum flexibility with every application.

Durabook U12C also operates in stealth mode, which can be achieved with just one click. This mode disables all lights and sounds, making is the perfect device for covert operations. A second battery can be added to boost battery life by up to 8 hours.

Getac V200

With its large display and enhanced power capabilities, the V200 from Getac completes our line-up. This fully rugged device uses the latest processing technology to make it the fastest rugged laptop on the market. Utilising the popular notebook design, the V200 offers a tough exterior that is particle proof and water resistant providing an excellent mobile solution in the most demanding environments.

Its fan-less design also comes equip with a full-sized keyboard, 2 megapixel camera, GPS receiver, Bluetooth and WLAN connectivity.

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