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Ever thought of an iPhone 4s case as a marketing tool? How about a place to show off your favourite picture of your family? Well if you haven’t, think again: because the latest trend to make your smartphone device different from all the others is a case you’ve made yourself.

Here’s the thing about the iPhone – half the population of the UK seems to own one. It’s not hard to see why. The thing is next to useless as a phone, but it’s brilliant at doing everything else – and with the advent of social media, or rather the advent of the global takeover of social media, who really chats on their phone anymore anyway?

So everyone’s got one, or nearly everyone – and that creates a bit of a problem with self-branding. You see, we all brand ourselves. We always have done. This is where the idea of corporate branding came from in the first place. When you strip it all back, branding is about displaying personality, which is something people have been doing ever since different cave folk decide to put bones through their noses in different ways.

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And this has what precisely to do with an iPhone 4s case? Well, when you think how many people have the same phone; and when you think how many people see their smartphone as an extension of their own individuality; well, then you see where this discussion is headed next. The problem that has beset all iPhone owners is this: how can you retain your individuality when everyone else you know has the same phone you do?

The answer is the protective case: which usefully also stops you from smashing your phone, voiding your insurance and ending up paying for a contract you can no longer use. So people began seeking out colourful cases; or sophisticated cases; or even cases that go quite a long way out of their way to make the iPhone look like something else.

The next point in this discussion is that there is no one “must have” iPhone 4s case out there. There isn’t even a single company from whence all the amazing iPhone cases in the world have sprung. Far from it. Different ideas and different designs come from the brand sand personalities of hundreds of unique companies: iPhone cases that make the phone look like a toy; iPhone cases that make it look like a Gothic prop in a horror movie. Wherever you go, and whoever you look at, chances are someone’s rocking an iPhone case that gives you a clear idea either of who they are or of where they have come from.

Personal favourites include cases that make the iPhone look like a Game Boy, or an Etch a Sketch. Other people may like cases designed to display particular obsessions – perhaps the badge of a favoured sports team or the image of a specific celebrity.

iPhone cases are now used to brand third party entities, in situations ranging from pure merchandising (for instance buying a case that is tied in to a particular film or band) to proper corporate branding. In the latter instance, self-design iPhone cases may be used on all company phones to take ownership of the technology, and to mark the user out as belonging to the brand that owns the logo.

Lucinda Bell is a digital commentator. Follow this link for more information.

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