Analyzing what a phone tracker app is truly worth of


In the recent years, we have seen the boom in phone tracker software industry and it seems like every other startup wants to try its luck making one. Without going into the debate about who is better and who isn’t; let’s admit that in today’s world, tracking a phone can have multiple uses.

cell phone tracker Analyzing what a phone tracker app is truly worth ofWhat is a cell phone tracking app?

A cell phone tracking application is software designed to keep you informed about the device-based activities of your target phone/tablet user. These apps can be purchased online and have to be installed on the target device once. But you need to do that secretly if you don’t want them to know about it. Once the software is installed, you can remotely track all data stored on the device from you own PC, tablet or laptop. It’s usually undetectable and uninstallable so your identity is never revealed.

What features should one look for?

While selecting a mobile tracker that will work for you, look for the one that lets you monitor target device remotely. Quality cell phone spy apps let you:

  • Track current location of device holder
  • Check all the places the device holder visited

Geo-fencing technology- the future of mobile tracking

What most tracking apps lack is the Geo-fencing technology. I got to know about it when I was reviewing StealthGenie for my blog. This cell phone spy application lets the user to virtually Geo-fence certain areas and locations.

Let’s explain that further. Suppose you are a working parent and are equally concerned about your kids’ whereabouts and your work. Since you can add unlimited places in the list on your StealthGenie Control Panel, you add the school and home addresses to the list and mark them both as ‘safe areas’. As you’re in the meeting, you get an alert via SMS or e-mail (whichever you selected) and you know for sure that your kids have reached school on time. You get another alert when they leave school. Is it the time they’re supposed to be off or they trying to bunk a class – you get to know conveniently. If your kids leave school before time, you can check their current location to know if they have gone to a nearby café or have head to home directly.

Use it to your advantage

And that’s just one example, you can use this feature the way you want to but the bottom line is that Geo-fencing feature gives instant alerts so you don’t have to stay glued to your Control Panel all the time. It notifies you when you need to know! I’d recommend it to parents and employers who want to know where their kids and employees really are and that too without any hassle. So StealthGenie gets my vote mainly for the phone tracker features! Let me know your experience with it.


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