Does Your Business Have an App?

Does your business have an app? What about a mobile friendly website? Do you even know what a mobile friendly website looks like? Think about it, you designed your website on a desktop computer on a big screen, right? The people looking at your website could be looking at it from their smartphone. How well do you think your information is displayed on a small screen? According to an article, a mobile friendly website allows your website content to display correctly on a small hand-held device such as a tablet or a smartphone. Reasons why you want a mobile friendly website include: loads faster, easier to read, avoids flash, minimal scrolling, and easier to navigate. If you want your business to succeed, you have to stay on top of the current technology trends. According to a business article, your business also needs a mobile app. If you want your business to grow than you should be out there pounding the pavement in any tech realm you can to boost customers. The best way to accomplish this is through mobile app technology. Mobile apps link your website to your customers because people can access you 24/7 with mobile app technology. Other factors contributing to mobile apps include: online visibility, customer loyalty, and great control.


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