Electrical Engineering Design Software

Electrical engineering software has existed for less than 25 years and is being perfected to the present moment. In the past generation, it was seen as a necessity to spend time “with the tools”, that being physical tools. Nowadays we have moved towards engineering science, this is the modern tool.

Electrical Cad Software

Electrical professionals decide whether to use electrical CAD software or constructional CAD software such as AutoCad when planning a job. Each, even though related still do a more refined job with different techniques. For instance, if you needed to drill a hole in a wall then you would use a wall drill but if you needed to drill a hole in a piece of wood you would use a wood bit. This is similar with electrical CAD and constructional CAD.

Some Electrical CAD Features

  • Automatic update of connection lists and parts lists
  • Automatic wire numbering
  • Support of electrical standards
  • Intelligent copying
  • Support of mounting correct drawing
  • Signal references between pages
  • Reference designations
  • Automatic drawing for connecting lines
  • The ability to create and send ordering files automatically

It can be clearly seen from the above list that Electrical Cad is an extremely intelligent software. Electrical professionals are usually not very experienced with AutoCAD so when using AutoCAD for electrical purposes an extra person is required to create the documentation. When the electrical documentation is being created other types of intelligent functions are required.

Electrical Design Software

Electrical design software can save time and money and has been proven to improve project efficiency. As companies are gaining a better understanding of their risks on projects and costs they are becoming more accepting of electrical design software. Based on their business requirements, organizations are creating rules to maintain quality, efficiency and consistency. This is where intelligent software hugely benefits an organization. The products are designed for electrical professionals specifically and for those who have not been trained as 3-D mechanical designers. With one mouse click users can switch between 2-D and 3-D views. The overall result is greater quality, efficiency gains and lower costs.

Electrical and Wire Harness Design Software

Wire Harness Design software is a windows based design software package for wiring and control systems, hydraulics and pneumatics which is relatively easy to learn and use. This is a complete design engineering solution from start through to physical realization and production output.

Software Tools for Electrical Systems

There is a great variety of tools available to the electrical professionals to help in the design of electrical systems for facilities and buildings. Take lighting calculations for example, if a project requires specific lighting solutions for all of the space types in the building, then the software package for Lighting Analysis Illumination Engineering is the best product to use. This tool allows for accurate photometric predictions to be formulated and can help in the layout and selection of the lighting fixtures. The software allows the professional to create a model of the dimensions including such obstructions as shelves and furniture.


Lighting fixtures can be added to the layout or any other element necessary.


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