Skype Translator vs Professional Interpreter

Skype is great for video calls and instant messaging; it‘s cheap and easy to speak to loved ones or business associates who are far away. But if you wanted to talk to someone who speaks another language, you’d have to copy and paste responses through a free online translation service. But with the new Skype translator your speech is translated into any language in real time.

When Microsoft revealed the technology two years ago, it was too inaccurate to release. Recent developments in neural network-based speech recognition have reduced errors in speech recognition by more than 30% so it’s pretty good at this stage.

Skype Translator is the same technology used in Microsoft’s Cortana, a personal voice assistant for Windows Phone. But is this real time translation with face to face video chat as good as having a professional interpreter? It makes cross-cultural communication for non-bilinguals much easier but the standard of translation is still not yet s accurate as professional human translation. Contact EmpowerLingua for professional interpreting services if you don’t trust machines yet.

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