The Domain Name You Choose Will Make or Break Your Online Business

As a businessperson, you have to make choices and choosing a domain name is one of the important choices you will have to make if you are thinking seriously about establishing an online business. Finding a good name is the first step in making a name for your business. You must be passionate about the name you choose. It is also good to ask the opinions of other people who have more experience than you in this matter. It is worth hiring a specialist to find or create a good name for you. This will save you time and frustration often associated with trying to come up with a unique name.

Many branding firms out there will help you create a name that is both unique and memorable. Existing domain names can be expensive to buy. In fact, you can end up saving a lot of money hiring a branding firm that can also help you come up with a good tag line and logo for your online business. If you are seriously thinking about building your online presence, then it is worth hiring help. Whichever option you choose, flying solo, or hiring help, below are some useful tips that will help you create a good domain name.

Make sure you get a name ending with a .com extension

Many people are so much in a hurry to register their domain names and proceed to do business that they settle for any extension. This is a costly mistake that many people make. You should not be one of them. Do not choose a .net extension. You will come to regret this mistake later because many Internet users will use the .com extension by default when they are typing a website address. This means that if your competitor gets to take the .com address, then you are doomed.

Your potential customers will visit your competitor’s site instead and even some of the emails intended for you will go to your competitor. This mistake will only confuse your customers and you will end up losing business. You will need to take time and explain your .net extension to all your new customers which can be a loss of valuable time.

Create a domain name from a memorable phrase

This will result in a name that is easy to recall. Of course coming up with a good domain name from a phrase that is related to the type of business you do can be difficult and time consuming but the effort is totally worth it. Whenever you are inventing a new name, be careful because invented words have no meaning. Therefore, always come up with a name that is not only familiar but should also be spelt in one way only. If it is possible to misspell the name, then make sure that all the misspellings also lead to your website.

When you find a domain name (the term in Danish is domæne), it is recommended that you trademark the name if possible. The Internet has a number of websites you can use to find out if your name has already been trademarked. If you are patient enough, you can create a domain name that is not only unique but also stands out, is easy to remember and most importantly ends with a .com extension.


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