What’s in a Name is Important if it is a Domain

choosing the right domain name What’s in a Name is Important if it is a Domain

Here we go again with the questions about a domain name and the importance that is put upon it. For years now we have tried to work out which style names work best and why some fail and others work brilliantly, and I’m not sure that we are really any closer to an answer. So, let’s just all agree that the name you call you site is something that you need to consider very carefully, and that you might think that a successful domain name is mostly dictated by luck, but if the same people keep creating them, they are either very lucky, or they are following some simple rules.

So, first off, we hit that complicated versus simple debate and what is best. Well, the answer is simple, dummy, it’s simple. Did that answer seem a little complicated to you, did you have to read it twice? Well, there you go then, I have made my point. You want people to see your domain name and instantly connect with it. You want them to remember it and be able to stick it in an address box without any problems. So, forget all the in-jokes and the clever puns, come up with a clever, but essentially memorable name and use it. So, that must be it, end of lecture.

Hold on; come back; because there are other things that might make you dream up a different and even better domain name. If you are famous, then you already have the perfect name ready and waiting to be used. If you are famous, then, first of all, can I say that I am very humbled, and secondly, could I have your autograph? If you are building a site for a well known company or you are making a site to advertise a really recognizable product, then name and shame ‘em. Get that product or company in the domain name and never look back, you’ve cracked it, buddy, and you are on your way to instant success.

Next, you might be tempted to buy a previously owned domain name from somebody else, or because it has become available again after the initial registration has run its course. This is wonderful, because somebody has already done all of the hard and painful thinking stuff for you. They have taken the time to come up with a witty and memorable domain name that is just certain to turn you into the next online sensation. So, why are they selling it? Unless they are sitting on their yacht, drinking pina coladas and talking to Kylie about an up and coming birthday bash, then the domain name (in Swedish the term is domän) didn’t do that much for them, or they might have wanted to keep it.

That said, some recycled domain names are pretty good, and there might even already be some SEO work that can help you climb the SERP’s. But how hard is it really to come up with a name? Just stop expecting everything for nothing and try and think a bit… hurts, doesn’t it?


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